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The Most Influential Children's Book of the Summer

"We need to raise up a generation of young men who find their true strength and identify with Christ, the ultimate man. This book is not just a children's book, it is a book for all who desire to be saints!" 

-Rev. Jonathan Meyer


Whether we desire it or not, children look to the example of their fathers.


The Strongest Man I Know is a story about Luke, a boy whose identity was lost in his father’s display of weakness, and about a grandfather, whose wisdom can aid all men in setting our uncertain identities on a firm foundation.


After his dad gets hurt in a baseball game, Luke searches for someone else who can show him how to be strong. Follow him as he looks at the men in his life, and as his eyes are slowly opened to what strength really is.

About the Book

The Making of
Strongest Man I Know

This story has a story.

The idea for this book came about as a father sat reading to his children. The more books he read, the more he recognized the need for children’s books with substance, meaning, and truth. Stories help to form the minds and hearts of our children, and it’s our duty and our joy to make sure they’re formed well.

The Strongest Man I Know is a story that doesn’t just tell, but beautifully shows children the power of prayer. Uniquely, it’s a children’s book specifically for fathers that has gained a reputation for bringing forth tears. The Christian life is a long and arduous road. This book gives families a consistent, positive motivation to keep turning to God. 

We want to raise faithful children, and we want to live faithful lives ourselves. The Strongest Man I Know is a book that allows children to look to the example of their fathers, and motivates fathers to keep living the Christian life for the good of their children. 

“It has been humbling to consistently hear feedback from readers and to watch this book become the most influential children’s book of the summer.”
-Nathaniel Binversie  (Author of The Strongest Man I Know)

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The Making Of

Meet the Author


Originally from Manitowoc, WI, Nathaniel Binversie, is an author, speaker, Director of Content for Exodus Inc, and host of the Exodus 90 Show, a podcast for men. More importantly, he is a husband and a father. Prior to working for Exodus, he worked four years in collegiate ministry and earned a Masters degree in Theology. But what Nathaniel really wants you to know, is that he greatly enjoys big mountain skiing. 


Nathaniel currently lives in Fort Wayne, IN, with his wife Sherry, and their two outgoing and beautiful daughters, Lucia and AnnaSophia. 

About the Author

Meet the Illustrator


Michael Corsini is a sacred artist and illustrator. He believes that art is an essential part of the Church’s proclamation of the Gospel because it is both prophetic and healing. Michael currently lives in Northeast Pennsylvania, with his wife and five young children, where they are growing a small family farm. To see more of Michael Corsini’s work visit

About the Illustrator
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