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Exodus, Inc. 

Exodus Inc. is a not for profit organization whose mission is to free men. Exodus seeks to fulfill this mission by providing immersive spiritual exercises for men as well as other engaging, formative, and practical content.

As Exodus Inc.’s Director of Content, Nathaniel Binversie partnered with Exodus to make The One Thing Missing Tour and The Strongest Man I know, children's book—an extension of his work at Exodus—accessible and impactful to men and their families. Nathaniel is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the mission of Exodus and to be able to work with other great men who care so adamantly about the souls this mission impacts. And he has a personal zeal to continue to carry out his portion of the work that the Lord is doing through this organization.

Other work overseen by Exodus Inc.’s Director of Content, Nathaniel Binversie:


The Exodus Podcast

A weekly show for men who refuse to quit trying to become better men. Hosted by Nathaniel Binversie, this show begins with real accountability, then dives into topics such as faith, work, family, holy leisure, and fraternity. You can find the show on your preferred podcast platform by searching “the Exodus 90 show,” or on YouTube at:


The Exodus 90 Spiritual Exercise

Exodus 90 is a challenging and focused ninety-day program where fraternities of five to seven men take up three pillars of the Christian life--prayer, asceticism, and fraternity--in a highly disciplined format. Though Exodus 90 is not for every man at every point in his life, if you want to be a man who sacrifices for his wife, is present to his children, or is simply a better man to those around him, then visit today to learn more.


The Day 91 Spiritual Exercises

Becoming the man we want to be takes time. Being a man who is consistent in his life at home, in the office, and on his knees in prayer takes even more time. Day 91 is a set of twenty spiritual exercises that take Exodus fraternities from being men who are free for a moment to men who are formed for the rest of their lives. If you have already done one of the Exodus spiritual exercises, then it is likely time to get your fraternity back together and enter in. Day 91 was made for you.

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