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The One Thing Missing Tour

To rebuild the family, we start with the father. The father is supposed to lay his life down for his family, as the spiritual head of his household. Unfortunately, many men have a great desire to do this, but they struggle to know how to practically live it out. 

Through his work with Exodus 90, Nathaniel has learned that there is one common thing that most men are missing in their lives. He has also seen over and over again, that when a man learns what that thing is, and works to obtain it, his life is significantly changed for the good, forever. 

The one thing missing in most men’s lives is the disposition to receive the grace that God is offering them. Easy to state, but not so easy to obtain. 

The One Thing Missing Tour is an in-person experience where Nathaniel will deliver practical talks and personally engage with men all over North America. City to city, church to church, pub to pub, he’ll share with men the difficult road to becoming great men, loving husbands, and selfless fathers. His experience at Exodus Inc. both prepares him and fuels him to reach those men who wish to fully live in the grace of God, but don’t yet have the tools to do so. 


Where some people see family as a burden to success, the Binversie Family see an opportunity to proclaim the gift of family life with abundant joy. Even though not every day is rainbows and butterflies with two little ones, Nathaniel has watched the presence of his wife and children transform lives, in places he’s never spoken a word. 

As difficult as life on the road will be, Nathaniel, his wife Sherry, and their two girls are ready to pack up into a fifth wheel trailer and get this tour rolling. They’ll not only speak about the need for a faithful family, but work to receive God’s grace and live as the example of one as well. 


We need you. If this One Thing Missing tour is going to happen, if fathers lives are going to be changed through in-person encounters, if families are going to receive the husbands and dads they’ve been longing to receive, then we are going to need your help to get this project started. 

The primary way you can support this project is to buy a copy of The Strongest Man I Know for the fathers and father figures in your life. When you buy one of the first 5,000 copies of this book, 100% of the proceeds will go completely towards launching this tour.
The Strongest Man I Know is a story about a boy named Luke and his relationship with his father. And in honor of all fathers out there, no expense has been spared in the creation of this gift. The illustrations by sacred artist and illustrator, Michael Corsini are beautiful, the book is bound with a solid, scuff-resistant hardcover, and they were printed right here in North America.

If you’re even more passionate about this project, you can take your support up a notch by purchasing a copy of The Strongest Man I Know for every family at your office — every husband of every woman in your mom’s group  — or every father and grandfather on your block.

And if you are especially passionate about this project and really want to support this message to fathers in a bigger way, we’ve made it possible for you to give a financial gift as well. To all who choose to make a financial gift, know that it is undeniably helpful, and appreciated more than we can express.


The Lord has given Nathaniel a difficult, but life-changing message for men. Regardless of the challenges that lie ahead, Nathaniel and his family are ready to climb into a fifth wheel RV, and head out all over North America to bring this gift to as many men, to as many families, as possible.


This is the Binversie Family's gift to fathers, and families everywhere. Today, by purchasing The Strongest Man I Know, or through a financial gift, you are invited to make this mission a part of your gift to fathers and to families as well. 


In advance for your help in making this project happen, we say, thank you.

If you want to make a financial gift, but would prefer not to use PayPal, please consider mailing a check to: 

Binversie & Creatives
Attn: Support
4716 Indiana Ave. 
Fort Wayne, IN 46807


5,000 books sold. That’s what we need to get this show on the road. 100% of the proceeds for the first 5,000 books sold will go towards launching the tour.
If we sell more than 5,000 books, we’ll be able to put more resources towards the tour, and reach even more families.



August 24th


Diocese of Tulsa Theology on Tap: Tulsa, OK


August 25th


St. John's Student Center at Oklahoma State University: Stillwater, OK


October 11th


Knights of Columbus Golf Outing: Fishers, IN

November 13th

Proverbs 19 Men's Conference: Muncie, IN


Dec. 30th, 2021-Jan. 3rd, 2022


SEEK 2022: Salt Lake City, UT


Want to bring The One Thing Missing Tour to your community? Get in touch with us here:

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