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Binversie & Creatives

Recognizing the need for men to engage in the spiritual life for the sake of their own souls, for their families, and for the Church, Binversie & Creatives exists to provide men both an array of ways to learn about the fullness of the Christian life—a life of prayer, asceticism, and fraternity —and to provide the practical, though challenging, guidance to live it out.

The Strongest Man I Know is the debut public facing work of Binversie & Creatives. 

Meet the Creatives


Nathaniel Binversie

Author, Speaker, & Owner of Binversie & Creatives

Day Job: Director of Content, Exodus Inc.

Insiders info: Nathaniel loves big mountain skiing and deep powder days. Even more than that, he loves our Lord and the gift of living a life of mission with his wife and daughters.


Michael Corsini


Day Job: Sacred Artist, Musician, and Illustrator

Insiders info: Michael is a former CFR Friar who is now a husband and father of 5 children. In addition to his gratitude for the artistic gifts he’s been given, he is grateful for his family and the land they get to work to bring food to the table from their young family farm.


Erica Faunce

Marketing Manager

Day Job: Media Production Assistant

Insiders info: Erica is an aspiring author whose passion for stories has led her through various roles, including school librarian, local journalist, and video editor. When she's not working, you can find her in the chapel, curled up with a book in her favorite chair, or playing princess with the kids in her neighborhood. 

Alaska Day 4,-16.jpg

Sherry Binversie

Missionary Mom

Day Job: This is her day job, evening job, middle of the night job, & life giving vocation.

Insiders info: Sherry is always full of joy and ready to bring people together to celebrate a great day, a hard day, or the gift of a day someone might call average. Rain or shine, Sherry lives every day as a great adventure with her husband Nathaniel and their two daughters at their side. 

Alaska Day 3,_-45.jpg

Lucia Binversie

Lead Evangelist

Day Job: Big Sister 

Insiders info: Lucia has more energy than a can of Mountain Dew and she's sweeter too. If you are having trouble finding friends, just follow Lucia for an hour and you'll quickly have a larger assembly of friends than you can properly accommodate for a month's worth of dinners. Want to smile every day, just look to Lucia and the rest will take care of itself. 

Annie,-2 copy.jpg

AnnaSophia Binversie

Assistant to the Lead Evangelist

Day Job: Little Sister

Insiders info: AnnaSophia (Annie) is a cuddler to the heart. Walking through her second year on planet earth she takes delight in experimenting with both the physics of gravity and that of all types of liquids. She's also especially fond of K9s and appreciates it when they allow her to observe them from a distance.

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